Mann Wireless, LTD.

In-Building Coverage Solutions for the Wireless Industry


Installation & Integration

A basic system consists of an external antenna, cable connecting the external antenna to an amplifier which boosts the radio signal. The signal distribution system, consisting of fiber optic and/or coaxial cable, runs throughout the building, distributing the signal to low-profile indoor antennas. This is a non-obtrusive, cost-effective way to improve your communications and efficiency through technology. After installation of such a system, Mann Wireless provides testing and any support services that may be necessary for proper system optimization.

Our design and installation process typically follows four steps:

  • Site Survey - Mann Wireless receives RFP's from multiple markets. We begin a new project by sending one or two members of our engineering staff to complete a site survey, using state-of-the-art test equipment and detailed documentation.
  • Design Proposal- We then provide the customer with a proposal describing the most cost-effective, technically appropriate design.
  • Installation- Equipment is drop-shipped to the installation site. An experienced Mann Wireless team of two to six individuals installs and optimizes the system.
  • Final Documentation - When installation is complete, we conduct a walk-through with the customer for final approval. Our final report documents system performance and includes as-built drawings.

We have experienced staff who will custom design projects of any size or expand existing systems. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or would like to discuss a new installation, system enhancement or an upgrade to a current system.